Ella’s First Week
Our little girl was just born a week and a half ago and these are her first photos from the time she was just a few seconds old to about a week. It’s been a wonderful 10 days with lots of family visiting from out of state and us spending all our time fawning over little Ella. I’m sure every new parent feels this way, but she’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. She really isn’t fussy and only cries to let us know she needs one of her four basic needs met (diaper, feeding, temperature control and snuggle time). And she’s already such a great model!
21 Mar 2011 in Blog, Kids
Sarah and Angelo’s Family
We’ve been so lucky to get to photograph Sarah and Angelo’s family several times this past year. They are such a great, fun loving family and it’s been amazing to see their little boy Henry grow. We wish you guys the very best in 2011!
07 Mar 2011 in Kids, Portraits
Little Olivia
Erin and Patrick’s little bundle of joy Olivia was just learning how to hold herself up during tummy time when we got to photograph her and her lovely parents. She was so well behaved during the shoot she’s surely going to grow up to model. Such a cutie pie!
05 Mar 2011 in Kids, Portraits
The Stovall Family
We visited the Stoval's in my favorite place to do a photoshoot -- the family's home.
14 Mar 2010 in Kids
Baby Joey
I would be lying if I said I did not go a little ga ga over this adorableness. =)
05 Mar 2010 in Kids
The Staley Family
29 Jan 2010 in Kids
Natalie and Annie
11 Jan 2010 in Kids
Family Fun
A super fun family shoot at the Botanic Gardens.
12 Nov 2009 in Kids, Portraits
Audrey and Phil’s Baby Boy
Look at those eyes! Too adorable for words. =)
09 Jul 2009 in Blog, Kids