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You’ve seen us photograph everything from a maternity session to an engagement, a comedy event to a fundraiser. We’ve even photographed delicious dishes from the many local restaurants Denver has to offer. BUT…have you ever seen our photos of Barclay Crenshaw?

Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO.

From Pseudonym to Self Titled

You may know him by his stage name Claude Vonstroke, or maybe you know him as the mastermind behind Dirtybird label– a record label that was founded in January of 2005. Well, we were lucky enough to photograph Barclay Crenshaw while he was traveling through Denver on tour for his new album Sleepy Kids that dropped in January of this year. His first album under his own name is full of all his favorite parts of music.

Though he’s originally from Cleveland, Ohio, his family took on a new adventure in Detroit, Michigan. Crenshaw’s love for hip-hop developed and expanded, eventually embracing more electronic tunes. Eventually his passion tuned into into a love for all sorts of beats, no matter the genre.

Barclay Crenshaw socializing at a performance in Denver, CO.

Festival Bound

In his first debut album under his birth name, Crenshaw channels every sort of vibe from hip-hop to trip-hop to bass. To our delight, Barclay Crenshaw’s self-titled album transmits tunes that reach towards a past alien abduction. The music is incredibly easy to bob along with, and the music videos are incredibly done. Mixing all kinds of art, they make the music experience extend from our ears to our eyes! We didn’t even want to blink.

Back in February, Barclay Crenshaw entertained a crowd at Cervantes. If you weren’t among the groovin’ crowd, don’t worry! He’s still on tour! However, he won’t be coming back to this lovely city for a while after Sonic Bloom. He’ll make his way back eventually, we’re positive of it. If you’ve been to or are heading to festivals like Lighting in a Bottle, Movement FestivalBonnaroo, Sonic Bloom, What the Festival 2017,  Electric Forest, or Elements NYC Music & Art Festival, you’ll either have caught his set and heard incredible beats from Sleepy Kids, or, you’ve got a great set to look forward to!Barclay Crenshaw talking at a performance in Denver, CO.Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO. Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO. Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO. Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO. Barclay Crenshaw performing in Denver, CO. Barclay Crenshaw laughing.Girl dancing at a Barclay Crenshaw show in Denver, CO.

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