The Boone Family | An Adorable In-Home Session

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A darling little boy, stuffed animals galore, and loving parents are the trifecta for any family portrait session. However, Miles certainly stole the show (and our hearts) at this in-home shoot.

In-home Family Portraits

The Happiest Little Trio

His big brown eyes are irresistible, and while he’s sure to be a lady-killer in the future, Miles’s mom is still #1 in his heart. This relaxed shoot combines everything we love about in-home sessions. There is intimacy and a very natural feel that comes with shooting in a client’s home. The Boone family is a prime example.

We spent some time with Miles, as he vegged out on the couch, before heading into Sara and Tyler’s room for some adorable mommy and daddy time. Miles obviously captured our hearts (and most of our attention), but the portraits with his parents are memories they will cherish forever. Full of personality, Miles smiled happily as he explored the master bed. He even found a stuffed rabbit before moving into his nursery! His doting parents, obviously infatuated with their bundle of joy, made it easy to capture the Boone family dynamic.

Clearly his father’s son, Miles loved exploring Tyler’s man cave, checking out the pool table and the colorful billiard balls. We may have a future professional pool player in our midst!

Some of our favorite photos, however, are the ones in the Boone family backyard. The sun hung low in the sky as the happy couple posed and played with their little boy. We ended our session on the floor with an array of alphabet blocks. Though we couldn’t quite coax Miles to spell his name, he happily obliged to having his portrait taken. We are so enamored with this gorgeous family, and the love between these three is unmistakable.

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