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Candid Photography vs Posed Photography

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When people talk about candid photography vs posed photography, they’re referring to the ability to capture candid and true images organically in the moment as opposed to a more constructed, posed approach. This candid style typically produces some of the best moments during a photo session. These are the pictures where people are, for instance, showing off their moves on the dance floor or where a bride is giving her dad a hug before they walk down the aisle together. Candids are all about snapping photos of people when they’re being themselves and not posing for the camera, which is why they’re often the most treasured moments and photos from a photo session.

Here at From the Hip Photo, our emphasis is definitely on the candid side of things but we typically still provide some styled or posed photos in the mix. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a lot more photographers shifting their emphasis toward our style of photojournalism and we’re glad that more people are embracing the candid philosophy! Let’s talk about how candid photos stand up against some common photography styles.

Wedding Photography

These two real wedding pictures are perfect examples of the candid photography vs posed photography and show how both perspectives are important and complement one another.

Candid Photography vs posed photography | Wedding photography | From the Hip Photo
Candid Photography vs posed photography | Wedding photography | From the Hip Photo







The picture on the left is a posed shot of a couple, whereas the one on the right is a candid photo. The posed photo we took was capturing a beautiful detail that the couple was hoping to get a picture of on their big day – their fancy new weddings rings! In the candid image, on the other hand, we were able to freeze a moment in time on the reception dance floor that the couple will love looking back on. Both are reminders to each couple of how fun their wedding day was.

Family Photography

As with weddings, we use our candid photography style during family photography sessions, which can be so much fun! Some of our favorite candid photos emerge from the energy of teaming up with energetic families who are willing to get silly! Here are two great examples of candid photography vs posed photography when it comes to family portraits:

Candid Photography vs posed photography | Family photography | From the Hip Photo












Both pictures are excellent family pictures that (in our humble opinion) are ready for each family’s photo wall! The one on the left is a more of a posed setup and the one on the right is a purely candid photo. In the picture on the left, the kids were older, so it was easier to have them play with us to get an initial setup in place. From there, we helped them interact with their mom and dad to tease out more of that natural, candid feel. The kiddos in the picture on the right are younger and were bursting with energy. Instead of forcing a more posed picture, we had the kids explore and investigate. That flexibility allowed us to capture this adorable picture that shows the children’s curiosity in action, not to mention their father’s honest, loving gaze.

Engagement Photography

We also love what candid photography vs posed photography can do for engagement photos and save the dates, especially when pets are included! Both of these couples had a furry family member join in on their engagement sessions:

Candid Photography vs posed photography | Engagement photography |Pet Photography | From the Hip Photo
Candid Photography vs posed photography | Engagement photography |Pet Photography | From the Hip Photo







We had the couple on the right pose with their dog in the photo. Fortunately, the pup was willing to work it for us while we got the shot! The couple on the left were having a good time cuddling their furry friend and we snapped a shot of them sharing their love. Even though they’re different styles of photography, we loved how both turned out as great engagement shots highlighting their favorite pet!

Now You Know!

Candid photography is a great way to show the personalities of the people in the pictures and capture fleeting moments that posed photography can’t always show off. We love both styles of photography and routinely mix them up to create a picture perfect gallery of treasured photos. If you want to see more of our photography, feel free to visit our website and Pinterest boards for inspiration. When it comes to candid photography vs posed photography, both offer their own unique advantages and we’re always thinking about how best to capture any given moment!

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