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Travelers of the Lost Dimension | Event Photography | From The Hip Photo

Travelers of the Lost Dimension | A Parallel World Inside of Stanley Marketplace

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Have you ever had an alien encounter? As a child, were you obsessed with Journey to the Center of the Earth, or maybe even Land of the Lost? Here's your chance to jump into the middle of a journey quite similar to those childhood favorites we've all loved and adored! Travelers of the Lost Dimension is an experiential theater program put on by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' immersive offshoot, Off-Center. To be even more specific, it's an interactive, adventure by A.C.E, a local comedy trio that's best at leaving their audience in stitches! This spunky, child-friendly show takes place here at our lovely home, Stanley Marketplace, traveling in and out of private and public spaces. We highly

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Grant-Humphreys Mansion Wedding | Event Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo

Gettin’ Lucky At The Mansion | A Fun & Funky Wedding Show

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Thanks to Courtney, an expert planner at The Day Of, we were able to participate in a crazy-awesome wedding show at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver, Colorado. She thoughtfully assembled what she referred to as "the tribe," a gaggle of unique, vendors from across the Denver metro area. There was even a Grant-Humphreys Mansion wedding as part of the festivities! (Sorta.) The mansion itself is extremely beautiful and full of charm! Having been built in 1904, there is so much Colorado history behind it. The coolest fact, however, is that the second owners of the mansion, A.E. Humphreys, had two sons that were very taken with airplanes. So taken, that they opened Denver's first commercial airport, which is now the site

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Month of Photography Denver | Art Event Photography | Colorado | From The Hip Photo

Month of Photography | Colorado Photographic Arts Center

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March is pretty sweet for two big reasons: it's the start of spring and, every other year, it marks Month of Photography here in Denver. And while we do enjoy Colorado's rather extreme spring weather, you can probably guess that we're a little more excited about the latter. As a photography company that places great emphasis on community involvement, the gang here at From the Hip Photo is pretty darned proud to have partnered with the  Colorado Photographic Arts Center. It's the only nonprofit in Denver, Colorado that is dedicated exclusively to photography in all its myriad, wondrous forms! They offer a plethora of workshops and portfolio reviews, offer equipment rentals to further one's photography education, and curate some pretty spectacular

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