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Pizza is one of our favorite food groups in the food pyramid and that most of you would probably agree. For this important food group, we’ve got to give credit to Italy. Without their genius, culinary wizards, our taste buds would be utterly disappointed. Now according to Trip Advisor, there are 2,774 places to get pizza in Colorado alone. Four of those locations are Mici and we can HIGHLY advise you (even more than trip advisor) to try their authentic Italian dishes. Meals range from pizza to pasta to calzones to large salads to hearty soups and paninis!

Pepperoni Pizza from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO.

Mici is short for the Miceli family’s last name. Though they reside in Colorado, their roots extend to Italy. It honestly wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary to spot three different Miceli generations in Mici at once! Lucky for us, this means they have a plethora of family recipes, passed down from generation to generation until they eventually reached the palates of you and me both. In Italy, meals are a celebration of not just good food, but a great family. That being said, the Miceli’s happily share these values with us, in turn making us part of their Italian family!

Mici has four locations in all. There are three in Denver and one in Highlands Ranch. Lucky for us, one of the Denver locations is right in our own backyard in…Stapleton! When we say authentic Italian food, we mean hearty, cheesy, overflowing with flavor. The kind of food that brings a family together at the dinner table! At Mici, they make their pizza dough from scratch and cook it on a stone deck. They simmer their sauces to perfection, and hand roll their meatballs. There’s no prepackaged mumbo-jumbo!

Now, if you’re ever wondering about why garlic is an Italian food staple, the benefits of olive oil, even what your favorite pizza topping says about you, we recommended checking out their blog! More importantly though, look at their menu and head on over for lunch!

Chef cracks eggs at Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO. A panini from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO. Pasta and salad dishes from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO. Pizza from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO. Omelettes from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO. Breakfast pizza from Mici Handcrafted Italian in Denver, CO.

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