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Miami Beach Fashion: Serena

From the Hip Photo

We were in Miami for a few other photo sessions and took on an assignment to work with Serena of Wilhelmina Models Miami. We couldn't have been more excited about this fashion shoot falling into our lap at the last minute! Plus, we got a little glimpse into what Miami beach fashion looks like! We shot at the Mondrian Hotel until we were escorted out. Oops! Pro Tip: Always ask for permission first!

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St. Louis Cardinals Newborn | Newborn Photography | From the Hip Photo

The Tracy Family | St. Louis Cardinals Newborn Photos

From the Hip Photo

This St. Louis Cardinals newborn and his parents probably hated the outcome to the 2016 World Series Game just weeks after these newborn photos were taken! We can't stress enough how much of a privilege it's been to see Kenzie and Ryan's party of two grow to a party of three with the arrival of sweet baby Ty. To photograph a couple on their wedding day and then be able to photograph that same couple with their newborn baby is a very special honor in this field of work. It's always wonderful to see our From The Hip Photo family growing!

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Maternity In Mother Nature | Family Photography | From the Hip Photo

The Aslamy Family | Maternity In Mother Nature

From the Hip Photo

The golden fall foliage adds a lot of vibrancy to this session, especially paired with blue, yellow's color wheel opposite. However, the beautiful season colors can't take all the credit! The excitement over a baby on board definitely shines brighter than any golden leaf could! There's something very special about maternity in mother nature!

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