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Rain Rain Go Away | How to Deal with Rain on Your Wedding Day

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You’ve more or less finished planning out your dream wedding. Venue, check. Caterer, check. Photographer, check. Assigned someone to keep an eye on Uncle Dave at the open bar, triple check. But then your big day comes and of course it has to rain on your wedding! Not to fear, here are 3 reasons why the weather doesn’t have to rain on your parade.

Bugs! (Or Lack There Of)

One of the most common plights of an outdoor wedding is the bugs. Sometimes there is just no amount of DEET that can deter a hungry mosquito (or several!). However, even a gentle sprinkling of rain can be enough to keep the beasties at bay. Now, this may just be a matter of opinion, but we would rather have our wedding photos look like that scene from the Notebook where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams reunite than a commercial for bug spray.

The ‘Prop-portunities’ are Endless

Many brides may try and visualize what their wedding photos will look like, and the idea of incorporating something last minute into them, like a large and possibly unsightly umbrella, can be frightening. But what if using an umbrella wasn’t last minute at all? There are many ways to incorporate an umbrella as a prop, whether it rains or not. It could match with the décor if planned ahead, and can be used in a photo booth as a cutesy prop for guests. In Alex & Trevor’s wedding, the umbrella they used went perfectly with the resort theme of their wedding in Cancun, Mexico and fit right into their gorgeous wedding photos!

Plan ahead to use an umbrella rain or shine, and there will be no surprises in your wedding photos.

Rain Can Ease the Tension

If you’ve ever driven a brand new car, you know the anxiety of trying to avoid the very first dent or scratch. But when you do inevitably make that first knick, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about keeping it perfect. Weddings work the same way. The weather may not be ideal, but now you can just focus on having fun instead of stressing out about every tiny detail because, ultimately, you’re not going to have full control. A little bit of rain may help you realize this, which will help your overall mood and well-being on your big day.

Bonus Round!

In addition to all the reasons listed above, rain on your wedding day makes for some stinking cute photos. It shows you and your significant other at your silliest, and at your most genuine. A few rain drops have definitely got to be worth that much!


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