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Stanley Marketplace | Aurora’s Hippest Addition

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Can we brag about Stanley Marketplace in Aurora enough? No. The answer is always no. Why? Because Stanley is the home of our fox den! Our pride and joy! Our studio! Two years ago when the idea for the marketplace was set in stone and spots inside were being leased, we signed fast. Could you blame us?!

Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO
Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO

Stellar Stanley

The building belonged to Stanley Aviation, used as a factory for ejection seats. Where your house sits in Stapleton could very well be one of the places the ejection seats were tested! Did you know that Bob Stanley, the factory’s founder, even borrowed bears from the Denver zoo to further test his seats?

The doors to the building (including the big red Hangar ones) officially closed in 2007 and chain link fences went up around the building. To our delight, those fences have since been torn down and parking lots paved around Stanley Marketplace in Aurora!

Like you, we’ve been keeping our keen eyes peeled and focused on the building’s development! When the renovation process first started, one could literally see from one end of the building to the other. The second floor didn’t even exist yet.

The marketplace itself is a growing community of local, Colorado businesses ranging from restaurants to unique fashion boutiques, a flower boutique, a salon, and even a dentist! The variety inside makes for a viable community commodity. Not only that, Stanley Marketplace in Aurora invites an economic boom to erupt in the uppermost Northwest Corner of Aurora.

The team here at From The Hip Photo would like to shout a HUGE thank you from the top of every fourteener in Colorado, to everybody that’s been following, keeping tabs, and even participating in this grand adventure! Now, as the rules go, if you’ve heard of Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, then you have to come and give it a visit, walk its newly renovated, industrial walls and say hello to all the incredible businesses inside! We don’t make the rules, we just enforce them.

Construction at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, COStanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO Construction at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO

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