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We can’t quite put our finger on why we loved this bridal styled shoot so much. Maybe it’s the big moss covered wall that’s capable of turning into a wooden one, the adorable pooch and her floral crown, or the beautiful, glammed up bride! If you aren’t throwing a Moss Denver wedding, the second best thing to it is having a bridal styled shoot there!

A new thing From The Hip Photo is offering, on our ever expanding list of sessions we offer, is a bridal styled shoot! Bridals have been around for quite some time, taking beautiful images of the bride to show off and document her wedding attire.

We’ve decided to take a twist on old school bridals, teaming up with a planner to turn your bridal shoot into an amazing, catered session! This bridal styled shoot centers around YOU and whatever ideas you’ve dreamt up about your wedding day to be like! Our twist on old school bridals goes for only $2,500. The session can be as crazy, whimsical, or flowery as you like! We want you to be the bridal queen you’ve always dreamed about!

For this Moss Denver wedding session, in particular, we used a model and a collection of incredible vendors, plus a very cute pooch. We channeled chic flower princess vibes, using shades of red, deep maroons, ivories, and greens. The colors popped perfectly against the moss wall and the bride’s gorgeous gown. The rose quartz accents on the table paired well with her shimmering gold flower grown.

The adorable German Shepherd had an eye for style too! Her flower crown was the cherry on top of her lovely personality. We loved the idea to wrap garland around her leash, there’s no other way to decorate than with lots of whimsical garland and orchids!

As a venue, Moss in Denver, Colorado has something for every kind of bride. The famous moss wall can be turned into a plain wood one, there are little hints of exposed bricks, mirrored ceiling with unique lighting, and a massive open window that allows in plenty of natural light.

Event Venue: Moss Denver | Equipment Rentals: Event Rents | Hair Stylist: Jaded Beauty | Dress Store: Little White Dress Bridal Shop | Floral Design: Project Floral

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