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Best Dressed: What to Wear For Engagement Photos

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The shiny rock is a no-brainer when it comes to a great engagement photo session outfit accessory. But how do you two decide what else to wear? We know that sifting through your closet to choose something flattering and photogenic can be a truly tough task. Engagement photos should be full of fun and free of worry, so we’re here to help! We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two over the years, so we brainstormed some simple color combinations to help decide what to wear for engagement photo perfection! Check it out!

Choose Something Comfortable

First and foremost, choose an outfit that you feel comfy and confident in! Jeans that rub or pinch won’t be pleasant and pulling at a strapless dress every few minutes could really distract from the day. Be sure to choose clothes that fit well and feel great! Similarly, make sure you choose outfits that you feel like yourself in. If you wouldn’t wear it any other day of the year, chances are you shouldn’t wear it in your engagement photos. We want to see your authentic selves!

What to Wear | Denver Engagement Photography | From the Hip Photo

Complement Each Other

When deciding what to wear, make sure you and your fiancé choose outfits that look nice together. You don’t have to wear matching outfits unless it works for you (jerseys from your favorite sports team, maybe?), but colors that compliment each other and pieces with similar shades can add a lot to create a beautiful engagement photo. Also, make sure the level of formality is cohesive. Sweatpants and a ballgown might be a hard sell!

What to Wear | Denver Engagement Photography | From the Hip Photo

Experiment with Colors & Patterns

While neutral colors always look amazing, don’t be afraid of bright colors and fun patterns. Saturated colors can look great in photos and patterns like plaid can add an extra touch of geometry. Play around with solids and patterns in lots of different shades to find what works best for you two!

What to Wear | Denver Engagement Photography | From the Hip Photo

Work with the Location

Wear something that works with the scenery. In addition to thinking indoor versus outdoor when choosing the perfect engagement location, don’t forget to consider how certain colors will work in that space. A green dress might get lost in a grassy field, while white might wash you out in front of a snowy park. Be conscious of how your outfits will feel and fit when it comes to the location.

What to Wear | Denver Engagement Photography | From the Hip Photo

Don’t Sweat It!

Deciding what to wear when it comes to engagement photos can seem like a daunting task, but try not to get overwhelmed. Just remember that a couple in love looks gorgeous in anything! Whether playing it safe with that ‘go-to’ outfit or trying something new and totally out of the box, we know your photos will turn out flawlessly. Remember: if you feel good, you look good!

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