Lead Photographer Spotlight: Ashleigh

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Ashleigh Weber | Lead Photographer | From the Hip Photo | Denver Colorado


Meet Ashleigh! She has a dog named Francesca, loves micro brews, cupcakes, ice cream, and snowboarding. She has an Associates in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado and has been working professionally for over nine years.

Fun Facts:

  • Ashleigh was a violinist for 12 years, touring Europe with a youth orchestra, playing in three symphonies, and once even played with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra!
  • Ashleigh love movies! Anything fantasy, sci-fi, comedy and kids movies (for the nieces and nephews of course). Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Big Lebowski are a few of her favorites!
  • Even through Ashleigh is a Colorado Native, she has only summited one fourteener – Mt. Quandary. There were a lot of tears, a wicked bad sunburn, and when she made it to the top, she literally took a 20-minute nap and then went back down.