Ralph Lauren and 100 Days of Ties

10 Dec 2010 ourstereo In Blog, Portraits Tags: ,

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our profession is getting to meet and photograph some very interesting people, so when Ralph Lauren asked if we wanted to photograph Will Price for their Rugby blog, we jumped at the chance.

Will is the man behind The Momentum of Failure, a blog that has garnered attention for it’s cool 100 Days of Ties project. The concept is simple: Will is wearing a tie to work for one hundred straight days and documenting his look each morning. Checking out his style and commentary every day is a ton of fun, and it’s amazing to see how a community formed around his idea.

Check out Will’s post from the day we photographed him and read the Ralph Lauren piece about his project.

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  1. Will 10 Dec 2010 Reply

    Thanks so much you two for shooting me. I really had such a good time and can’t speak highly enough about about not only the quality of your shots but of your amicability.

    You make me wanna get married just to have more pictures taken.


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