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Newborn Photography is a great way to forever remember your perfect little bundle of joy just as he or she was on their first days. Meaghan & Andrew celebrated their little one with a Harry Potter themed Newborn shoot! There is absolutely nothing more adorable than a baby wrapped in a Gryffindor scarf.

Newborn waking up surrounded by Harry Potter memorabilia

Destined To Be a Gryffindor

Even before their little boy was born, his parents threw him a totally awesome Harry Potter themed baby shower! This little guy was destined to be a die-hard Potterhead from the very start. When he is ready to read, the Harry Potter series will only be an arms length away. For now, he will have to be happy wrapped up in a cozy scarf, cuddled up next to his polyjuice potion and golden snitch, dreaming about the day the sorting hat will put him into Gryffindor.

Beyond the Reach of Magic

If you’re thinking about doing a themed newborn session of your own, don’t feel completely tied to your theme! Mom and dad let Harry Potter have its moment and then moved on to more traditional newborn photos. The loving parents joined their sweet one for some of the most endearing photos we’ve seen here at From the Hip. Dad was able to hold baby boy’s entire head in the palm of his hands. As delicate and precious as newborns are, this pose truly captured the protection and love a father feels for his child.

Rule #1: Never Work With Babies or Animals

For guaranteed crazy cute photos, breaking this rule is an absolute must! Meaghan and Andrew invited their pup, Lola, to be in front of the camera and she nearly stole the show. Calm and collected, Lola sat sweetly next to the baby, making for some amazing shots. She will be this little man’s first friend and his furriest.

newborn toes

newborn amongst harry potter memorabilia

newborn amongst harry potter memorabilia

Parents holding newborn with dog in photo

Newborn with pacifier in mouth and stuffed elephant

Dog with newborn human

Father holds newborn close up of hands

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