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Capturing Every Precious Moment: A Newborn Photography Session Timeline

August 18, 2023 720 views

Are you ready for it? We are!

Welcoming a new life into the world is a truly magical experience, and as newborn photographers, we understand the importance of preserving these fleeting moments. Many parents often wonder how often they should schedule professional photoshoots for their newborn. In this post, we’ll provide you with a helpful checklist to guide you through our newborn photography session timeline ensuring you don’t miss out on any cherished memories.

Newborn photography | Sleeping baby photo wrapped in floral decor
Newborn Family photography | New Parents hold their newborn
Newborn photography | Smiling baby
Newborn family photography | Cute baby toddler girl holds her parents hands

How Often Should You Get Professional Photos Done for Your Newborn?

Newborn Stage (Days 5-14)

This stage captures the first couple of weeks when your baby is still very tiny and curly, resembling their fetal position.

Schedule a session during this period to capture those adorable, sleepy poses and delicate features.

Aim for the session to take place when your baby is between 5 to 14 days old.

Newborn photography | Sleeping baby on a surfboard for a fun staging prop
Newborn photography | Parent's hold a newborn baby showing her tiny feet
Newborn photography | New parents embrace their newborn
Newborn photography | Sleeping baby in a wicker basket with flowers

Tummy Time and Milestones (2-3 Months):

Once your baby starts lifting their head during tummy time and displaying more awareness of their surroundings, it’s a great time for another photoshoot.

Capturing these early milestones can help you remember their growth and development.

Schedule a session around 2 to 3 months of age to capture their emerging personality.

Newborn family photography | sisters on a blanket in the park pose for a photo
Newborn family photography | New parents embrace their new baby
Newborn photography | Newborn baby is sucking his thumb in bed
Newborn family photography | Sleeping baby with his parents behind them on the bed

Smiles and Interactions (4-6 Months):

As your baby starts to smile, giggle, and interact with the world around them, their personality shines through.

Around 4 to 6 months, their expressions become more animated, making for heartwarming photos.

Plan a session during this period to capture their joyful interactions.

Newborn family photography | Older sister wearing floral crown proudly holds her baby sister in a matching headband for a photo
Newborn family photography | Six month old photoshoot in a park with a favorite toy with fall autumn leaves
Newborn family photography | Siblings hold and giggle with a new baby sister
Newborn family photography | Fun Christmas photo wearing fun pijamas in the studio

Sitter Stage (7-9 Months):

When your baby can sit independently but hasn’t started crawling yet, it’s an adorable stage to capture.

Their newfound ability to sit gives a unique perspective for photos and showcases their growing curiosity.

Schedule a photoshoot around 7 to 9 months to document their milestones.

Newborn family photography | the whole family cuddles on the bed
Newborn photography | First year photos in a field with a baby rocking chair
Newborn photography | Cute family poses with their baby and puppy on a couch

First Steps and First Birthday (12 Months):

Celebrate your baby’s first steps and their journey into toddlerhood with a first birthday photoshoot.

This stage marks a significant milestone as they transition from a baby to a toddler.

Plan a session around their first birthday to capture this special moment.

Newborn photography | First birthday cake smash with a colorful background
Newborn family photography | Smiling mom and baby with fall autumn leaves
Newborn photography | Birthday cake with a handmade crown like out of Where the Wild Things Roam
Newborn photography | Cute toddler wearing a cowboy hat

Additional Considerations:

Beyond the initial year, consider scheduling photoshoots every 6-12 months to continue documenting their growth and development.

Holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings can also provide wonderful opportunities for professional family photos.

Newborn photography | Playful family with a baby and three puppies poses for a whole family photo in their living room
Newborn photography | Black and white portrait of a newborn listening to mom read them a book
Newborn photography | Grandparents pose with their grandchildren in a living room

So, what’s best for your family?

Every stage of your baby’s growth is filled with unique moments worth preserving. By following this checklist and scheduling professional photoshoots at key stages, you’ll create a stunning visual journey that captures your baby’s growth, personality, and the love that surrounds them. Don’t miss out on the chance to relive these precious memories for years to come.

Newborn photography | Playful candid family moment with a colorful background
Newborn photography | Barefoot baby feet on top of dad's feet
Newborn family photography | Siblings pose together with fall autumn leaves in front of a lake
Newborn photography | Happy baby hugs her favorite stuffy with a fall autumn background

What’s next?

We are here to help throughout the whole newborn photography session timeline and share our 15 years’ worth of experience with you to help prep for the perfect newborn lifestyle session. When you are ready to schedule your newborn sessions, give us a call or shoot us an email! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Newborn photography | Sleeping baby photo with a floral headband
Newborn photography | Sleeping baby in a wicker basket with a floral headband

Newborn family photography | Smiling father plays with happy daughter in her nursery
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