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A lot of detail goes into a wedding! Whether it be music, catering, refreshments, jewelers, flowers, photographers, or even seamstresses, they’re all working in unison to make your day perfect. However, we’d like to take a second to focus on the groom and his sharp style! We recently had the opportunity to take pictures for and interview Bespoke Edge, a custom men’s clothing company based out of Denver. Believe us when we say that there’s an immense amount of detail that goes into Bespoke Edge’s craft. It’s truly artwork in its purest form.

Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo

Not only can they make a groom look impeccably sharp on his wedding day, they can make him look put together for literally any event that calls for a suit, tux, even a dressed down kind of casual. Founded by Ron Wagner, Bespoke Edge has been up and running for nearly 40 years. With the help of his sons, Ryan and Brett, we can safely assume that it will stay standing for another 40+ to come.

How did Bespoke Edge come to be?

Ryan: My father, Ron, has been in menswear his whole life. He had been running a luxury men’s store for many years, up until the recession of 2008. Shortly thereafter, my brother Brett and I approached him and suggested that we start a custom clothing business. And after all, custom is the way to go — none of us are off-the-rack fits. At about that same time, I was feeling squeezed by my cubicle at my corporate job and wanted to start a business. Fast forward to the present, and Bespoke Edge has become Colorado’s highest rated custom clothier for men. We’ve successfully brought back the romance of creating bespoke clothing and we’re loving it!

What made you want to be in the business of men’s clothing?

Ryan: It really all began with Ron. Menswear has always been his passion and something that he’s proven to be very, very good at. Brett and I were always sharply dressed kids per our father’s influence, and in recent years, we’ve really begun to understand and appreciate just how much a good suit can help a man in today’s casual world. Many of our clients are new to the world of custom clothing and when they put something on that actually fits them, they are just grinning ear to ear. It’s really an empowering feeling to be comfortable in your clothes. It’s pretty cool to be able to help guys with their personal branding in this way. Brett and I are really having a great time building this company with our dad.

Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo

Has your unique business model ever held you back?

Ryan: It’s hard to say. I imagine that some potential clients may not give us a call because they would prefer to go to a store versus having us come to them, but I can’t say for sure. What we do know, is that many men really like the fact that we work around their busy schedules and will meet them anywhere.
However, it’s also driven us to be very focused on our content creation. We want every guy to be the best-dressed version of himself, whether he chooses to shop with us or someone else. We want him to be informed such that he can make good decisions when he’s shopping. We do this by running Colorado’s leading menswear blog, curating inspirational images on our lookbook, and posting daily videos on men’s style. We also teach seminars and organize a handful of events throughout the year.

Given that you dress extremely sharp, are there any items in your closet that are completely cringe-worthy? For instance, I have a fur dress (no further details required about said dress).

Ryan: When it comes to weightlifting, I don’t think about style at all! I still own my basketball shorts (the big baggy ones) from high school.
Ron: I don’t wear them in public, but I still own some triple-pleated slacks. I’m hedging my bets on them coming back into style someday. Still waiting…
Brett: I own a pair of cargo shorts from years ago. I only wear them when I work in the backyard, but they are straight 90s. My wife also hates my light blue casual jeans. I mostly wear slim-fitting dark jeans or black pants, but again, sometimes on the weekends, I will wear my light-washed, bootcut jeans.
Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip PhotoDo you own a t-shirt or sweatpants?

Ryan: Oh sure, I own plenty of T-shirts. And sweatpants are my go-to when I’m working from home.

Would Bespoke Edge ever consider doing women’s business suits?

Ryan: Interesting that you ask! This year I’ve been doing some market research and we are getting closer to making a decision. However, we will need to find the right team member, because none of us know a thing about women’s fashion.

Are there any suit styles that you wish were more popular?

Ryan: A double-breasted jacket. It’s a great look with a strong tradition, but one that very few men wear. The notable downside is that you always need to have the jacket buttoned.

What’s the biggest mistake guys make when buying a suit?

Ryan: The single biggest mistake is that guys are buying suits that are too big for them. The irony is that while most men want to appear larger in their suits, wearing an oversized jacket will actually make them appear to be smaller!

What do you wish men knew before being fitted for a suit by Bespoke Edge?

Ryan: That the whole process is more fun than they think. As guys, we have a tendency to think that shopping for clothes is always a laborious process, but with custom, you’re actually building exactly what you want. Our clients always have a blast building a suit or dress shirt — it really is creating a story behind their clothes.

Do you personally have any tips on how to get wine out of clothes?

Ryan: Although I wish I could give you a secret recipe of club soda and lemon juice, your best bet is a product called Wine Away. Cheesy name, but it works!

What’s your favorite thing to dip chicken nuggets in?

Ryan & Ron: BBQ sauce
Brett: Ranch
Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo
Bespoke Edge | Fashion Photography | Denver, CO | From The Hip Photo
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