The Perfect Chautauqua Engagement | Heather & Norris

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There’s no denying that Chautauqua makes the perfect backdrop during any season. Nothing says Colorado like those beautiful mountains sitting in the background of your photos. And nothing says love like picking up your fiancé and carrying her up the hill because she didn’t bring the right shoes. And that is exactly what Norris did for Heather.

The Perfect Balance

Heather wore a powder blue maxi skirt with an ivory blouse and, of course, those tan heels that had Norris carrying her up the hill. Her gold jewelry was the perfect finishing touch. Heather’s outfit complimented Norris’ khaki pants and blue striped collared shirt. These two fit perfectly in the mountains giving us the ultimate fairytale vibe.

These two love birds had no trouble at all being silly in front of the camera. They even gave us a very Titanic-like posed that had nothing on Jack and Rose. They were dancing, laughing, and Norris was giving piggy back rides to Heather. And they even brought a friend to help lightened mood, which worked fabulously because these two were picture perfect and were not camera shy at all.

Love in the Mountains

We enjoyed every minute of shooting these two goofy kids, and their love shined through each picture. Their is no doubt these two are meant to be. These two look like they came right out of a fairytale. We can’t wait until this prince and princess turn into king and queen when the they tie the knot.



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