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Engaged & Confused | A From The Hip Photo Podcast

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Are you newly engaged and at a total loss for what’s next? Would you say that you are–wait for it–engaged and confused? We’ve been there all the way from proposal to “I Do” for lots of couples, so we know a thing or two about wedding planning. And now we have decided to share our knowledge with you…via podcast!

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Answers to all Your Questions

If you’ve ever flipped through a wedding magazine, you’ve probably felt some exasperation. Who knew that save-the-dates and wedding invitations are totally different? If you have ever felt utterly crushed after discovering you now face double the envelope stuffing (spoiler – you actually don’t), then this podcast is for you!

Engaged and Confused is a regular podcast that covers everything from how to deal with overbearing mother-in-laws, selecting the right venue, and everything in between. We have recruited the help of special guests who work in the wedding industry as florists, planners, designers, and more. The show allows couples to gain some knowledge and get inspiration!

Podcasts are audio recordings available for download via a hosting website – in our case, iTunes and Soundcloud. It’s a radio talk show that you don’t have to worry about missing! Just listen whenever you feel like it, and catch episodes you missed at the touch of a button.

Each episode of Engaged and Confused covers a different aspect of wedding planning. We get a little silly, but our special guests keep us on track with solid, professional advice. Past couples also feature on the podcast, so you can get words of wisdom straight from the people who were recently in your shoes!

Tune in as your favorite photographers (we hope, at least!) chat with other wedding professionals and answer all of your questions. Engaged and Confused will alleviate some of that pre-marital stress and offer sound advice for couples who are, let’s face it, a little confused.

Check us out at http://engagedandconfused.love

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