Product photography style examples:

E-Commerce – White

Boost your online sales with a fresh white background.

E-Commerce – Black

Like the white one above, but with a darker feel. Can be solid black or more natural.

Colorful Background

Highlight your product with a splash of color. Can be great for flat lays as well!

A Rustic Cabin Feel

Perfect for evoking a natural and woodsy feel.

Smoke Effect

Some atmosphere to evoke fog.

Multiples Pattern

We can either shoot multiples of your product or create the look in post-production with just one photo of the product.

Holiday Sparkle

Nothing says the holidays like some bokeh sparkle. Boost your holiday sales with some season imagery.

Studio Kitchen

Modern kitchen setting to showcase your product.

White Wood

A clean white wood setting for when your product will benefit from both a modern and rustic approach.

Colorful Background with Models

Vibrant background shades to highlight your product, with the added benefit of a model. We have options for both hand models (+$99) as well as full-body models (+$229).

Lifestyle with Models

We’ll work with you to find the perfect setting and model. Options include hand model (+$99) and full-body model (+$229).

Bokeh Background

Great for creating an outdoor feel or highlighting the natural aspect of your product. Color options include green, amber, light, and dark blue hues.